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We offer a professional Saniflo, Grundfos and Stuart Turner macerator and pump repair service 24/7. 365 days a year.

Great Engineers

Fully qualified and insured engineer with many years experience with extra training provided by Grundfos and Stuart Turner we are able to complete any repair. Only original manufacturers parts used. All work is fully guaranteed.

When and where

If you need a Macerator repair in London, Surrey or Kent, call us direct on 0800-1357-311 or 0744-7744-697 and you will get a trained and experienced engineer out to you 24/7. You can call our emergency service any time of the day or night for advice or to get a engineer

How Can We Help?

We can diagnose and repair any Saniflo problem. If the pipes are blocked we have methods to unblock them. We have been called many times to pipes that drainage companies have said are un-blockable and made short work of them using our specialist tools and know how saving our customers time and money

What We Charge

We offer a fixed price Saniflo repair service at just £125.00 for a basic repair during normal working hours, this by far covers most repairs. Some terms apply.

Got an emergency? Get in touch today for same day or night service or to simply book in a service call

What We Offer

Same Day Professional Saniflo Repair Service
We repair hundreds of saniflo macerators every year. Fully trained engineer can repair any make of macerator
  • trained & insured

    With a Million pounds liabillity insurance our engineer is also fully trained to repair any make of macerator

  • Pipe unblocking

    We can unblock your macerator discharge pipes using the latest high tech equipment or change them if needeed

  • 24 hour service

    Our engineer is available 24 hours, if you need a repair at 2am or 2pm we will come to you when ever you need us

  • Macertator repairs

    What ever the make, Saniflo, Grunfos, Stuart Turner or Uniflo, our engineer is fully trained by the leading manufacturers

Some answers

Here are a few common problems that can happen with your macerator (Hover your mouse over a picture)
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Blocked Pipes

Inside Some Blocked Pipes
Over the years we have seen many things trapped in Macerator discharge pipes. From Seeds to stick on Nails, broken lighter bits, small toys, tile spacers and unfortunately un-blockable lime scale
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Macerator Blockage

Just one of many different kinds of blockage
Your Macerator can get blocked in many different ways, something can trap it self around the blades or in the impeller or pump. where ever the blockage is, it can cause major problems
Uploaded image

Macerators behind A wall

We can gain access to any boxed in macerator
Putting a Saniflo or any macerator behind a wall is OK and quite normal, what could be a problem is boxing or tilling the unit in, in a way the does not allow access, we can gain access to any macerator
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Sanicubic 1 & 2 Sanicom 1 & 2

Business use, proffesional macerators
The Sanicom 1 & 2 and the Sanicubic 1 & 2 are both business type pumps and macerators, both models are not user servicable in any way but we have extensive training and experience with both models


"The drainage company said the pipes could not be unblocked and to remove the floorboards and replace the pipes would cost £2000.00. And also the Saniflo was not working and needed to be replaced. A friend recommended David who said the Saniflo is working fine and offered to unblock the pipes on a No Fix No Fee basis, it took David under 2 hours to unblock the pipes and the charge was under £150.00. The service was above and beyond what was expected and the Saniflo is working like new. Great Service."

Saniflo Plumber Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year